Ethics and values

At Garth, we have adopted the following values, which are embedded in everything we do and the relationships we foster with staff, partners, distributors, manufacturers, and customers.

Growth and personal development

We encourage growth in our people and businesses alike. Our training and personal development is continuous, with focus on acquiring new languages, complementary skills, and specific abilities that allow adaptation to a global marketplace. Responsive marketing strategies help us to identify and optimise sales growth opportunities across the globe and propose new and stronger partnerships.


We take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises. This principle means we’ve established a strong and growing client network with some of the world’s leading retailers of outdoor cooking products. This reputation has enabled us to maintain and expand business relationships across the globe, with R&D, market intelligence and leading branding teams currently based in Europe, Australia, and China.

Respect and cultural diversity

We always act with respect and integrity when dealing with customers, suppliers, and staff. Our international presence means cultural diversity is one of our biggest assets. This means our working relations with clients and suppliers from around the world can adapt and flex with regional priorities, visions and ambitions, creating successful partnerships based on shared resources and best practice.

Transparency in our supply chain

In alignment of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we have zero tolerance to forced labour and human trafficking in any part of our business. Equally, we will not engage in nor support the use of child labour. We are committed to implementing and enforcing systems and controls to ensure forced labour, human trafficking and child labour is not taking place anywhere in our business or in any of our supply chains.


Through a mutual appreciation of cultural diversity, our team has honed its communication skills and takes great pride in its ability to collaborate and share ideas and information across country and continental boundaries. This focus on teamwork means we can undertake our work more quickly, makes the most of multiple skill sets and gives all staff a sense of belonging.


We act with the highest level of honesty; admitting when we have made mistakes, ensuring those mistakes are rectified, and changing our working practices accordingly. Our code of conduct ensures a healthy and transparent working environment. Our communication channels are always respectful of the customs and traditions of the countries where we operate.

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