Our Services

Overview of what we do

We constantly innovate

Our team travels to all corners of the globe, researching outdoor living trends in all climates and conditions to ensure our products are packed with innovative features from self-cleaning technologies to Grillsmart™ oil management systems.

360° service

We offer a fully comprehensive service – from component design to delivery, resulting in a joined-up, cost-effective service with deliveries always achieved on time.

Partnerships in design

We work very closely with our manufacturing plants using designs made with 3D CAD systems to provide guaranteed high flexibility and short lead times.

We’ll support you as a development partner

Your requirements will be implemented by optimising components and making sure these components are reliably manufactured using economic production methods.

Manufacturing know-how

We are quality certified and fully optimise our processes, ensuring optimum efficiency and timely delivery which never impacts on quality.

Reliable client partnerships

We have been working with some of our partners for nearly 50 years. As a trusted development manufacturing partner with the world’s leading retailers and brands, our focus is on service reliability and industrial expertise.

We understand what you want

We can create customised product solutions for our customers and partners, ensuring that branded and private label products are always relevant and competitive within the global marketplace.

An eye to expanding markets

We work with our partners to identify market opportunities and expand key segments, demonstrated by an ever-increasing product range in an evolving marketplace.

After-sales service

We speak the language of our customers. A global presence ensures you’ll get excellent follow-up and support wherever you are based.

Digital tools and videos

We have created a diverse array of digital marketing tools to let consumers have a detailed look at our products from their home or office.


Each of our products can be created with a combination of specific and unique features to meet the requirements of our partners and customers. Customisable options clearly separate our products from standard models and provide opportunities to differentiate new products by price and functionality.

Digital tools and videos

We’ve created a wide range of digital marketing tools and videos which let partners and customers have a detailed look at our products before physically inspecting them. The tools provide 360° 3-dimensional product images and assembly tutorials.
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